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Bridging From New Earth

If the way you feel about the world has shifted to the point where you no longer feel like there is a place for you in it, this one’s for you…

As tropical storm "Hillary" poured her wisdom down over Los Angeles, I found myself feeling very relaxed and contemplative despite varying reports of the possible dangers the weather could bring. And, before I knew it, I was receiving messages. This particular message is the latest in an ongoing series that started in 2021.

The following messages were posted to The Shared Space instagram. I am providing them not only for context, but for anyone who stumbles upon this post who may be in various stages of this process. Eventually, we will all go through it.

"It is natural to want to feel rooted and safe when the world turns upside down. But you are being asked not only to pull up anchor so that you can sail to the next destination, but to throw your anchors away. We find ourselves in an unprecedented transition. Everything is in disarray. And the anchors you developed (the ways in which you have kept yourself safe, protected, and able to navigate the choppy waters of life on Earth) must be jettisoned so that you are free to carry your abundant skills, wisdom and energy to uncharted territory where you will then help others come safely into port.

Have faith that your mission is supported. Surrender, and throw your anchors away."

(a year later I would receive a message that references this post having forgotten all about the original message until I was guided to look at it again.)

"We are headed to a safe harbor that will rewrite our understanding of 'safety' because it exists in a world we have yet to experience - a world that is calling to us. Our willingness to release the old ways, the old systems, the anchors, and instead, step into the unknown armed with faith in ourselves and our own discernment is the magic that will help bring this reality into form.

It is scary to think that we do not know what we do not know. But the beauty of releasing ourselves to the idea of not knowing allows us to stay present, awake, and alert. Have faith that your abilities will serve you better than any of the old systems and boldly go where no man has gone before."

"For many, December 2021 was a month that brought great difficulties. Your world was falling apart. Your safety stripped away. This is the leading edge of a shadow meant to pull you into the void. Allow it. Do not resist. Eventually, all will pass through this threshold.

The image is that of a single boat in the middle of a vast and empty sea. Though there are many others making the same journey alongside you, you will not be able to see them or believe they are there with you. There will be little comfort in the idea that you are not alone because even if someone tells you that they are experiencing the same thing, the illusion of alone-ness will be more powerful than the language of words can convey.

It is meant to be this way. Your boat will be no bigger than that which is required to carry you. All else will be stripped away. While in the midst of this energy, it will feel permanent; as if it may last forever. But it is the same as every other dark night of the soul, soul death, dismemberment in that it is a harbinger of growth and transition. It is a threshold.

Remember that with it, death brings rebirth. This is the journey to the next level of frequency. This is liftoff. Stay with it. Be patient with yourself. Allow things to fall away and to fall apart. And know that there is reunion waiting on the other side of this struggle."

"This image and message were given to me a few days ago. (11/11/2022) Along with it, my guides showed me another post I had done. When I went back to look at the old post I realized that I received this message exactly one year later!

The post was titled: To Boldly Go and it was a picture of a tall ship flying over a planet. The first line read: We are headed to a safe harbor that will rewrite our understanding of 'safety' because it exists in a world we have yet to experience - a world that is calling to us.

Now, a year later, our ship is sailing in eerily calm waters, shrouded in a fog so thick we almost can't see the details of our own vessel, much less the details of what may lie nearby. But the guides would like us to know that we are 'Coming into port.' After a great deal of hard work and a ton of heavy lifting, our fortitude and determination have paid off. And just like settlers who have discovered a new world, it is up to us to use the tools we have brought with us to build from the ground up, starting with a strong, supportive infrastructure. But we must focus on the kind of world we want to live in and commit to creating it through continued experimentation.

Are you ready to build something entirely new? The guides are insistent that it is time to let go of what we think we know of the old world. It simply does not apply to this new one."

The newest message has arrived today, August 20, 2023, and it is no coincidence that it comes on a wave of water energy as all the previous messages have done. In fact, the energy of water plays a huge role in this process. Fluidity, flexibility, flow, and power. Literal waves of change.

Enough of us have "come into port" to organize, a process that is happening naturally. (For instance, the various strikes, most notably at this time, the SAG/AFTRA strike.) Unified groups are forming from the perspective of this new world and, as they do, their energy is pushing back against the old one. The desire to free loved ones who have yet to awaken will provide the energetic material from which a bridge will be built that will not only link the old and the new, providing a broader path of egress as more awaken, but will approach the old world like a tidal wave, eventually engulfing it until it can no longer support the illusion from which it grew.

You might experience some fear that if you try and interact with the old world, you will be sucked back in. The key, more than ever, is to "keep your eyes on your own paper." Allow only that which you WANT to be your true north. This may sound counterintuitive to your idea of what "helping" looks like. But it is of the utmost importance at this time. Your only job is to provide fuel for the natural process. And the greatest fuel comes in the form of your desire and passion for life.

You need not worry about organization, activation, or conveying technical concepts to those who are not yet ready to receive. You need not be mindful of building this bridge. It will form on its own as, one by one, you become beacons, standing strong in your own sovereignty, living examples of the possibilities life can offer far beyond the fear mongering and narrative control which are tools of the old regime.

Trust the process and remember your part in it. Focus only on that. Focus only on YOU. Let everything else go, and allow this to unfold.

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