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Relax, Allow, Explore our services and discover new tools

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Offering the Quantum Regression, Quantum Shift, and 

Quantum Catalyst session - three powerful tools that will help you level up on your journey!

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Quantum Catalyst

Ready for a quick dose of empowerment? This affordable session is for anyone feeling stuck, blocked, or disconnected. It will catalyze momentum and provide practical advice allowing you to plan your next steps.


Sometimes we are too close to the situation to navigate it by ourselves. Panic, anxiety and overwhelm get the better of us and we feel lost and rudderless.  In this 30 minute session Heather connects to both you and your guides, channeling practical answers meant to illuminate the situation and get you back on track.

Schedule your fully remote conversation via phone call, Skype or Zoom today by clicking the contact button below!



Quantum Shift  

Perspective is everything. Most of us do not realize that we have been conditioned to accept the majority of our beliefs - beliefs that were taught to us, and were never ours to begin with. This hour long, hypnosis-free session, a briefer alternative to the Quantum Regression, is designed to help you see the various stories you have accepted as truths that are keeping you locked into fear-based systems which cause stagnation and suffering.


Together we can:

  • Identify coping mechanisms that are hampering your growth

  • Retrieve aspects of you lost to past trauma

  • Receive guidance from your spiritual team

  • Enhance your ability to recognize messages from your guides

  • And increase your "spirit vocabulary" making communication with your guides easy and natural 

This session is meant to help you relax instead of resist, allow yourself to be where you are in any given moment, and explore alternative points of view to help shift your overall perspective toward empowerment. It is not meant to replace therapy with a licensed therapist. Rather, it is geared toward self-exploration to help you build trust in your greatest super power: your own discernment.


Appointments available in person and online. Click the "contact" button below to schedule a session today!



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Quantum Regression

Relax, allow, explore. That’s the key to this journey. Based on Dolores Cannon’s pioneering work, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), this session guides you to a space of deep relaxation with the aid of hypnosis, and allows you to not only view past lives, but to also connect with your guides/higher self to find the answers you are seeking.


Who was I in a past life? What is my life mission? What aspects of me do I still need to heal? Health, money, soul mates, twin flames, ghosts, bigfoot… if you want to know it, this is the time and space in which to ask it!


The length of this session varies, often lasting between 3 and 4 hours and can be done in person or online.


To find out more about scheduling an appointment click the "Contact" button below. You will also receive a free guide: Quantum Regression: Process, Pitfalls and Protocols, a valuable resource for anyone looking to experience hypnotic regression.



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