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This is what happens when friends of more than 20 years embark on a journey of spiritual awakening together. 


Even the most mundane topics lead to revelation when we team up. And, after years of sharing these talks with each other, we have decided to share them with you. 


Come join our tin hat society as we talk about signs, spirit, and the codes embedded in our every day lives that trigger our soul's awakening. From the daily struggles to ghosts and aliens, we cover it all because it is all a part of life -  a topic that should never be off limits. 

Listen to our latest episodes on our Soul Archaeology site OR look for "Soul Archaeology" on your favorite podcast platform! 

And if you enjoy what you hear, or just want to know more, check out our Patreon, where we post free added "Insights" after each show, or Instagram where we share daily updates, advice and messages from the guides inspired by our personal experiences as well as shifting global energies.

We are constantly adding new content and look forward to creating a community where we can share our experiences to support, uplift and help navigate the leading edge of this collective awakening.

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