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4 Steps to Manifesting: Energy to Matter

Updated: May 19, 2022

The process of manifestation has always fascinated me. How does something go from pure energy to matter? More importantly and on a more personal level, how am I supposed to manifest abundance in my life if I do not understand how the process works? Often times I feel as though I am just fumbling around in the dark. I reach a point where I either give up and resort to moving in a new direction (fearing it too will eventually become blocked) OR, I resort to old programming which insists that in order to be successful at manifesting material abundance I have to show I deserve success by working myself into a hole or worse, by working myself into a hole for someone else. And honestly? I have no desire to do either. And I know I can't be the only one out there who is struggling with this.

Several weeks ago I was in the midst of a casual ponder when the guides hijacked my thought process in order to provide some useful answers to this conundrum which I am eager to share with you now. Strange how the smallest things can become gateways into huge A-HA! moments. I was laying down and thinking about the fifteen dollar delivery minimum requirement for a food delivery service my brother often uses. He orders ALL the time, and had just asked me if I wanted to share any of his food. I asked him why he ordered so much if he didn't actually want to eat it and he explained that was the only way he could have it delivered.

I started to wonder how they came up with that number? I reasoned it was likely some complicated mathematical formula presented to a board of directors by some science types in white lab coats who had worked it out in a room full of white boards littered with symbols and equations way beyond my comprehension. The scenario in my head was highly detailed. I could see the middle aged men sitting as board of directors listening to the lead scientist as he detailed his presentation with numerical exactitude and reasoned that a multi-million dollar company would never guess at such a statistic.

Then a voice popped into my head and said "But what if they did? What if they pulled the number out of thin air with no more thought behind it than: Orders can't be worth less than $15." This proposition made me uncomfortable but I couldn't understand why. I realized this discomfort which to me felt like walking on "spongey" (as opposed to solid) ground, was my way of identifying the feeling of manifestation, the literal moment where thought was taking form in the material world. And that is when the guides began to explain what became a four step cycle of manifestation.

Step One: Dream It.

The comfort of exploring a concept in your imagination. (The place I feel most comfortable and hence, remain, and retreat to when I reach the discomfort of what, for some reason, I ended up referring to as the "spongey" stage.) The place where there is scope and possibility; where your resources are endless and support your every move because all it takes is curiosity and a desire to expand that seed of creativity into a full grown, beautiful, blooming, wild, garden of success. But how do you go from "Dreamer" to "Dream Come True?"

Step Two: Speak It.

Speak it into the world. Allow the world to hear it. This does not mean tell everyone. Perhaps you have seen how that can deplete the energy? Yes, it feels good at the time. Instant gratification. Instant validation. But this kind of validation can and often will take the place of the rest of the manifestation journey. Let speaking your idea be your way of dabbling, of playing with the idea as if it existed. But understand that it does not yet exist. It has not yet been made manifest.

Step Three: Pull It Down.

Allow it not to float outside in the air. Pull it down to you and work it with your hands. Break it down into deliverables using instinct. Do not allow yourself to obsess over sticking points. Trust that each sticking point serves a purpose of timing. Move to another task even if it is for another project to maintain a baseline momentum. Trust that inspiration will remain as long as you are not allowing yourself to revel in the immediate gratification that over-sharing will bring.

Step Four: Solidify It.

The process that allows the many ideas which make up the master idea to marinate, marry, coalesce, weave together. It could be as simple as sitting together on a page; a book page, a web page, a social media page - a published page. Once published, it is manifest and you have sent it into the reflective reality to show you how to refine and reform it. And the process can begin again from a new and different angle, through a new lens, with a new focus.

This is manifestation.

The Spongy Stage

I mentioned before about an uncomfortable stage, a "spongy" stage. This stage falls between Step Three: Pull It Down and Step Four: Solidify It. And it's usually the point where I get discouraged and revert back to step one. This disquieting in-between is characterized by a feeling of instability. The moment I identified it, it felt like walking on spongy ground; not like soft earth - but like walking on someone's tongue. I know that sounds insane and gross. But that's the point! To me, the moment where formless energy seeks to manifest and begins anchoring itself into this material world, feels insane and gross on a level that is so subtle and ambiguous, it's hard to grasp.

This difficulty forced me to look more deeply into the feeling and when I did, I was able to see that it was the result of the energy that was trying to manifest running into the barriers my ego uses when it thinks it needs to protect me from the unknown. Your ego will draw upon your past trauma in order to protect the unhealed parts of you. It is characterized by feelings of doubt, discomfort, anxiety, and if you are unaware, it will result in self sabotage. It turns out that the most difficult part of manifesting something into reality is allowing it to happen. If you are having difficulty making an idea "concrete" the stories you hold that stop you from allowing things to flow will be found here.

My very detailed vision of how the food delivery service arrived at their $15 minimum came from a story that a younger version of me formed regarding "business" and "professionalism." It would be unprofessional to just GUESS an important number. That's not how you make money! But if I were running the company, I would have to guess because I don't math and I don't have resources to hire people who do. Hence, I am not a professional and could never have a successful company because of all that I lack.

The guides wanted me to know and now I want you to know that the things you are meant to manifest are going to be coded to your thoughts, abilities, and resources. If you're not in a place where you can believe it, at least leave space for this possibility. Instead of shooting down your process and sending yourself back to the beginning (or giving up completely) allow yourself to sit with the feelings of discomfort. Put it on the page. Design around it. Commit to it as a placeholder and let the rest of your idea form. Allow it to remain mutable but flirt with the idea that your first instinct was correct. The process will reveal whether or not adjustments are needed. But allowing that initial concept to remain as a placeholder while the rest of the creation evolves and takes form may show you that the only resources you need to get started already exist within you. And your stories of how things SHOULD work, are the only thing preventing you from having whatever it is that you want.

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