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       Practical tools for navigating a spiritual shift

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Offering Quantum Regression, Quantum Shift , and introducing, Quantum Catalyst sessions to empower you on your journey to awakening. 

About The Shared Space

Offering past life regression and coaching sessions that are focused on helping you break through stubborn barriers to revive your momentum and achieve your goals,The Shared Space is a carefully curated space for self exploration in which all truths are honored and it is safe to be wherever you are on your personal journey. 

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The Using Our Inside Voice Podcast is now called Soul Archaeology - Uncovering who we've been, who we are, and who we're meant to be!


Join Heather (from The Shared Space) and Jamie (from By Sound Mind and Bodyfor this biweekly podcast as they navigate the chutes and ladders of their own journeys and offer a first hand account of what it’s like when the reality you thought you knew turns upside down.


Every other week they come together to talk about the crazy things they’ve experienced in the name of spiritual enlightenment. Whether or not you are new to this crazy thing called spirit, find validation and comfort in the fact that you are not “making this up,” you are not “going crazy,” and you are not alone. 

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